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OnePlus Responds to ‘Green Line’ Problem with New Lifetime Screen Warranty Offering

In a bid to address a persistent issue that has affected some of its users, OnePlus has introduced a groundbreaking solution — a lifetime screen warranty for those plagued by the “green line” problem. This move showcases the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its dedication to resolving display-related concerns.

The Green Line Issue: An Unwanted Display Glitch

Many OnePlus device owners have reported encountering a vexing problem known as the “green line” issue. This glitch manifests as a thin, vertical green line running down the display, causing aesthetic and functional disruptions. While the root cause of this anomaly remains under investigation, OnePlus is taking a proactive stance in alleviating the inconvenience it poses to its users.

A Game-Changing Warranty Offering

OnePlus’ recent announcement of a lifetime screen warranty for individuals grappling with the “green line” problem is a significant step forward in consumer-centric initiatives. This warranty promises affected users a lasting solution, providing peace of mind and reassurance in their device’s performance.

Unveiling the Lifetime Screen Warranty

Under this new warranty offering, OnePlus pledges to replace or repair screens afflicted by the green line issue for the device’s entire lifespan. This means that users need not worry about being saddled with an impaired display, as OnePlus commits to standing by its products for the long haul.

Green Line
Oneplus Green Line Problems

A Testament to Customer-Centricity

OnePlus has consistently prioritized customer satisfaction, aiming to provide innovative and reliable products. The introduction of the lifetime screen warranty for the “green line” issue reinforces the brand’s commitment to rectifying problems promptly and offering seamless solutions to its user base.

How to Avail the Lifetime Screen Warranty

For users experiencing the “green line” problem, OnePlus has streamlined the process of availing the lifetime screen warranty. By reaching out to OnePlus customer support, affected users can initiate the necessary steps to have their devices inspected and repaired or replaced. This user-friendly approach aims to minimize disruptions and inconvenience for customers.

A Win-Win for Users and OnePlus

The introduction of the lifetime screen warranty is a strategic move that benefits both OnePlus and its users. Users gain the assurance that their devices will remain functional and visually appealing, while OnePlus strengthens its reputation as a brand that values customer loyalty and engagement.


OnePlus’ response to the “green line” issue through the introduction of a lifetime screen warranty underlines its proactive approach to customer feedback and concerns. This initiative demonstrates the company’s determination to address anomalies swiftly and effectively, fostering a stronger bond of trust between OnePlus and its user community.

In conclusion, OnePlus’ announcement of a lifetime screen warranty for users grappling with the “green line” problem is a testament to the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. By providing a lasting solution to this vexing issue, OnePlus reinforces its commitment to producing quality devices and standing by its users through every technological challenge.

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