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Google’s September update

Google’s September 2023 update for Pixels is still Android 13. This delay deviates from Google’s typical release schedule of the first Monday of each month. However, Google occasionally misses a month or two, especially when working on a major new release like Android 14.

The September update for Pixels includes the latest security patches, a few bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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Here is a more detailed look at what's included in the September update:
  • Security patches: The September update addresses 32 vulnerabilities across the Android OS and specific hardware elements, and also closes an additional Pixel-specific CVE.

    Bug fixes: The update resolves several user-reported bugs, including:
    – A bug causing the Pixel Launcher to crash when opening certain apps
    – A bug causing the phone to reboot when using the fingerprint sensor
    – A bug causing the battery to drain more quickly than usual

    Performance improvements: The update includes general performance enhancements to make your Pixel phone run more smoothly.

    Overall, the September update is minor, focusing on security and bug fixes without introducing new features.

Google has not yet announced a release date for Android 14, but they expect it to arrive sometime in October or November. Once Android 14 is released, Google will begin rolling it out to Pixel phones in batches.

If you’re waiting for Android 14 on your Pixel phone, you can sign up for the beta program to get early access. However, keep in mind that beta software is not as stable as final release software, so you may experience some bugs and other problems.

If you have a supported Pixel phone, you should receive the September update over the air in the next few days. To check for the update, go to Settings > System > System update.

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