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iPhone 16 Designs Leaked

Apple‘s next iPhone continues to be a long manner off, but we may additionally have simply gotten our first glimpse at what it is able to appear like. Leaked renders primarily based on iPhone 16 prototypes have surfaced on line, showing three one-of-a-kind designs that the business enterprise is reportedly thinking about.

Camera Changes:

The maximum hanging change in these renders is the digital camera bump. All 3 designs have a larger, squarer camera bump than the modern-day iPhone 15, and one of them even functions a round digital camera module, much like the only at the iPhone X and Xs.y have simply gotten our first glimpse at what it is able to appear like. We’ve just gotten our first glimpse of what it could look like. Online leaks have surfaced, revealing three different designs reportedly under consideration by the company.

Changes in Design:

Another significant change involves the button format. Two of the renders depict iPhones with a unified volume rocker button, contrasting the separate volume up and down buttons typical on iPhones since 2010. This shift may indicate Apple’s move towards abandoning clicky buttons in favor of solid-state buttons, akin to those found on the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

The third render showcases an iPhone with a brand-new button on the side. Reportedly, this button serves as a “Capture button” intended for quickly taking photos or videos.

It’s important to note that these are just prototypes, and Apple’s final design for the iPhone 16 could be vastly different. Nevertheless, these leaks provide us with a glimpse into what the company is considering, and they are sure to pique the interest of iPhone enthusiasts about the future.


Here are some of the important thing takeaways from the leaked iPhone 16 prototype renders:

  • Three distinctive designs are being taken into consideration.
  • All 3 designs have a larger, squarer digital camera bump.
  • Two of the designs display iPhones with a unified volume rocker button.
  • The 0.33 design shows an iPhone with a brand new “Capture button.”
  • Apple’s very last design for the iPhone 16could be very one-of-a-kind.

What are your thoughts on the leaked iPhone 16 prototype renders? Which design do you prefer the most?

It’s important to note that these leaks originate from a source with a mixed track record. While they have accurately leaked some Apple products in the past, they have also been wrong on occasion. Therefore, it’s advisable to approach these leaks with caution.

However, it’s always intriguing to catch a glimpse of what Apple is working on. And these leaked iPhone 16 prototype renders give us plenty to ponder.

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