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Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Devices on July 10

Samsung will be unveiling a bunch of new devices at their Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10th, 2024 in Paris. This is according to an official announcement from Samsung itself, here’s a more detailed breakdown of what to expect based on rumors and Samsung’s teasers:

Galaxy Z Fold6
  • Design:Shifting from the rounded curves to a squarer, more “boxlike” design with a rumored titanium frame for increased durability. This might be accompanied by a slimmer profile overall.
  • Performance:Expected to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, offering a significant performance boost over previous generations.
  • Display:Rumors suggest an upgrade to the cover screen size, making it more usable for everyday tasks without unfolding the phone. The main foldable display is also expected to see improvements, possibly with reduced crease visibility and higher refresh rates for smoother visuals.
  • Camera:Details are scarce, but whispers point towards an overall camera upgrade, potentially with a new main sensor or improved low-light photography capabilities. AI integration with the camera is also a possibility, based on Samsung’s event teasers.
Galaxy Z Flip6
  • Battery:A rumored bump in battery capacity to around 3700mAh, addressing a common pain point for the Flip series.
  • Display:Similar to the Fold6, the Flip6 might see an increase in the size of the cover screen.
  • Camera:A possible upgrade to a 50MP main sensor, offering sharper photos. Again, AI integration with camera features is a possibility.
  • Other:It’s unclear if the design will see major changes, but Samsung might introduce new color options.
Galaxy Watch7 & Watch Ultra
  • Limited Info:Details are scarce, but leaks suggest the Galaxy Watch7 series might offer new health and fitness tracking features, possibly with improved sensor accuracy or new metrics. The Watch Ultra is a complete mystery, but rumors speculate it might be a more rugged and feature-rich version of the Watch7, potentially catering to athletes or outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Battery:Both watches are expected to see improvements in battery life, allowing for longer use between charges, especially with faster charging speeds rumored for the Watch7.
Galaxy Ring & Other Devices
  • Galaxy Ring:This long-rumored wearable device might finally see the light of day. Speculation suggests it will be a health and fitness tracker with various sensors and possibly contactless payment capabilities.
  • Galaxy Tab S10 & Galaxy Buds:Unveiling of these devices is a possibility, but details are even scarcer than for the watches. We might see upgrades to the processor, display, or battery life.
Where to Find Out More

Stay tuned for the official unveiling on July 10th. Samsung will likely live stream the event on their website and social media channels. Tech news websites and YouTubers will also be covering the event in detail, providing analysis and first impressions of the new devices.

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