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WhatsApp Brings Events Planning to All Group Chats

In May, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called Events as part of its Communities function. This feature will soon be extended to regular groups, although an official release date has not been announced yet.
Availability and Early Access:
Access through WhatsApp Beta Program Currently, Android users in the WhatsApp beta program (version have access to the Events feature. It allows them to create events within their group chats, as reported by WABetaInfo. The feature is also visible in regular group chats, not limited to Communities.

How It Works?

Creating Events WhatsApp has integrated an “Event” button within group chats, located under the paperclip button for attachments. This button enables users to create invitations for various activities like movie nights or book clubs.

Participation and Management:

Once an event is created, all members of the chat can view the invitation and choose to join. However, only the event creator retains the ability to modify event details post-creation.

Security and Privacy:
End-to-End Encryption, Events in WhatsApp are protected by the same end-to-end encryption used for regular messages, ensuring a high level of privacy for participants.

Platform Compatibility:

Beta Testing on iOS The Events feature has also been spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS (version 24.13.72), functioning similarly to its Android counterpart.

Future Releases and Updates:

Stable Release Expectations, While WhatsApp has not officially announced a stable release date, the presence of Events in beta versions suggests a forthcoming rollout.

Integration with Other Features:

Impact on WhatsApp’s Ecosystem In addition to Events, WhatsApp is working on several updates including a redesigned preview page for status updates, enhanced video message reply shortcuts, new animated stickers with vibrant colors, and customization options for Meta AI llama models.


The introduction of WhatsApp Events signifies a significant enhancement in group interaction within the app, offering users the ability to organize and manage events seamlessly.

FAQs about WhatsApp Events:
  • What is WhatsApp Events?

WhatsApp Events allow users to create and manage group activities such as movie nights or book clubs directly within chats.

  • How secure are WhatsApp Events?

Events benefit from end-to-end encryption, ensuring participant privacy similar to regular WhatsApp messages.

  • How can I access WhatsApp Events?

Android users can join the WhatsApp beta program to access the Events feature early.

  • Can event details be edited after creation?

Only the creator of the event can modify its details once it’s created in WhatsApp.

  • When will WhatsApp Events be available to all users?

While no specific date is set, the feature is expected to roll out to all users following successful beta testing.

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