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Honor to Launch Magic V3 and Magic Vs3 Foldables on July 12

Honor has officially announced the upcoming launch of its latest foldable smartphones, the Magic V3 and Magic Vs3, scheduled for July 12. The company has promised these phones will boast an unprecedented thinness compared to previous models.

Unique Design Elements Unveiled

In a preemptive move against online leaks, Honor has unveiled images showcasing the Magic V3. The device features a distinctive leather panel on its back, which some observers describe as having an orange hue. The thin frame is accentuated with golden details, deviating from the trend of flat frames in current smartphone designs.

Magic V3 and Magic Vs3
Magic V3 and Magic Vs3

Camera Setup and Design Features

The rear of the Magic V3 showcases a trio of cameras arranged in a triangular formation reminiscent of the Magic6 Pro. Positioned at the top row is a periscope lens, with two additional shooters located below. The camera bump is notable, raising questions about its impact on weight distribution and handling, aspects that will be closely scrutinized in upcoming reviews.

Anticipating Further Reveals

With nine days remaining until the official launch, Honor is expected to tease more details about the Magic V3. Key points of interest include the battery capacity, with speculation about whether it will exceed the 5,000 mAh Si/C battery found in its predecessor, the Magic V2, housed within a remarkably slim 4.7 mm body.

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